Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Donkey Finds Home!

Greetings all,

I wanted to send a quick update. Would you believe Donkey's BROTHER arrived today in our mailbox??? Our sweet little girl has been so excited - so much so we visited the mailbox four times today anticipating his arrival - and has since thanked me no less than a dozen times for getting her a new donkey. While he is almost a perfect match she noticed right away that he wasn't HER donkey. I mentioned he was Donkey's brother and since he's been just fine. I also told her we could send him back if she didn't want him and she said NO! She is tucked in bed with her new friend - who I might add already has a dog tag on with my cell number on it! - and is happy as a can be. So, this story has a happy ending with our never-ending thanks to Rosemary at Plush Memories Lost Toys Search Service ( and Sharon at

( I can honestly say I had no clue these sites existed but I'm so happy they do!

I remain optimistic that the original Donkey might turn up; however, I would like to circumvent another one of these little growing experiences at all costs. Should you come across another one, please let me know so we can keep him just in case the inevitable happens again.

I told you I believe in Christmas miracles! Thanks for caring so much!!

Kim Urban (December 30th 2009)





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