Thursday, July 31, 2014

1979 IDEAL Baby Doll

1979 IDEAL Pull String My Bottle Baby Doll

Another toy finds a home, read this sweet note after they received the doll! 

"We got it. My wife loves it. Thanks! It was another of a doll she received as a child that was burned in a fire.
she has the old one to this day for sentimental reasons... See attached pic..." - Stephen

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thunderbolt Plush Dog

Novermber 2012 Hello! I am thrilled still to have this Thunderbolt, as soon as I came home from work I picked him up and carried him with me around the house. He's extra special and his fur is so soft. I love having him, I also watched the movie with my sister and Thunderbolt. I'm a collector on my search for more Thunderbolts and I have you to thank for this precious young man. Thank you for keeping in contact with me for so long. Amber
Letting you know I got Thunderbolt, he's so cute and loveable. I've attached a photo of him with my UK thunderbolt. I really love him! Thank you so much! Amber

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black BABY COME BACK Doll Mattel 1976 w/box

RARE! Black BABY COME BACK Doll Mattel 1976. SHE IS MISSING THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT COVER so I cannot test her without it, so I do not know if she works. Takes 2 C Batteries(not included). Comes with her original cardboard box also which does have wear and the top portion of the box has come off but is included.

Dear Savethetoys,
i just receive my baby doll im so please with her, i will remember to frequent your store often. This was a doll my parents couldnt afford for me now i get to share it with my grandaughter, thanks so much!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dakin Wyland Great White Shark



You will make a soon to be 6 year-old Great White Shark lover very happy! We had one of these, but her dogs "Finned" and dismembered "Mera"!! We'll give her "sister" a good home. Thanks a lot! Geat W. shark loving grandma :)

Thanks, you have made a soon to be 6 year-old very happy! Her dog ate the other one.

Finding Nemo BRUCE SHARK finds Home!


This item if for Christmas so please make sure it is discrete with only Jennifer on package. I appreciate it very much you have no idea how thankful we are to find this. This is only present Son asked for from Santa!!! You made our christmas!

1980 Gund SNUFFLES Bear


My wife had one of these as a child, and it was stolen from her when they were moving at some point. She saw it online and went crazy over it and wanted it for Christmas. Thank you for making it available and making this Christmas happy and memorable for her!

HeathCliff Finds A Home!

August 20, 2010

hi I had one of these given to me in 1984 and he stayed with me ever since, I gave him to my daughter when she was 2 and he goes everywhere with her ever since then. We just flew from England to Taipei and then onto Sydney. When we were in Taipei she left him behind and with all the terrorism now they don't do lost and found they just destroy anything left behind. This happened on Tuesday and she has barely stopped crying. She has drawn a picture reward of him and written a long story of how he is her best buddy and she is heartbroken.

He is identical to our much loved and very bedraggled heathcliff. I would be really truly grateful if you can help.
Kind regards and best wishes Abigail

Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much - she got him yesterday, we told her he had been given a good clean by the staff at the airport! i think she bought it, She is running around with him under her arm shouting come on buddy! Thank you again, I can't say how grateful I am to you for Save the Toys, I do not know what I would have done if I hadn't found you. Keep up the good work.