Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dakin Wyland Great White Shark



You will make a soon to be 6 year-old Great White Shark lover very happy! We had one of these, but her dogs "Finned" and dismembered "Mera"!! We'll give her "sister" a good home. Thanks a lot! Geat W. shark loving grandma :)

Thanks, you have made a soon to be 6 year-old very happy! Her dog ate the other one.

Finding Nemo BRUCE SHARK finds Home!


This item if for Christmas so please make sure it is discrete with only Jennifer on package. I appreciate it very much you have no idea how thankful we are to find this. This is only present Son asked for from Santa!!! You made our christmas!

1980 Gund SNUFFLES Bear


My wife had one of these as a child, and it was stolen from her when they were moving at some point. She saw it online and went crazy over it and wanted it for Christmas. Thank you for making it available and making this Christmas happy and memorable for her!

HeathCliff Finds A Home!

August 20, 2010

hi I had one of these given to me in 1984 and he stayed with me ever since, I gave him to my daughter when she was 2 and he goes everywhere with her ever since then. We just flew from England to Taipei and then onto Sydney. When we were in Taipei she left him behind and with all the terrorism now they don't do lost and found they just destroy anything left behind. This happened on Tuesday and she has barely stopped crying. She has drawn a picture reward of him and written a long story of how he is her best buddy and she is heartbroken.

He is identical to our much loved and very bedraggled heathcliff. I would be really truly grateful if you can help.
Kind regards and best wishes Abigail

Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much - she got him yesterday, we told her he had been given a good clean by the staff at the airport! i think she bought it, She is running around with him under her arm shouting come on buddy! Thank you again, I can't say how grateful I am to you for Save the Toys, I do not know what I would have done if I hadn't found you. Keep up the good work.

Animal Alley Tiger


We got the tiger today. Thank you so much! We had accidentally left his tiger on a cruise ship and Carnival wasn't able to locate him after we reported him lost. You've brought us Firestripe back. Thank you!!

Sherry R.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello. :)

I just wanted to tell you that we got the Rainbow Dash Pony today, and my son was absolutely delighted. He's become enamoured of My Little Pony of late and Rainbow Dash especially, and very badly wanted a big one just like the one they had at his daycare. Unfortunately, a little research turned up that the large 'Styling Rainbow Dash' ponies stopped being made in 2007, and appeared to be scarcer than hen's teeth, especially for a price I could afford.

And then, like a light from the heavens, I found, with a Rainbow Dash in the exact right size and, may I say, an exceptional price. My little guy has been waiting with baited breath all weekend for her to arrive, and has been holding her in his arms all evening. Thank you so much for making my son's week! I've included a picture of him to show you how happy he is.

Thanks again,